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Art Education

Art Education
Coordinator: Dr. Lisa LaJevic
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The Art Education major prepares students for a successful career in Art Teaching. Designed to create exemplary artists and educators, the innovative curriculum includes an exciting range of art education, art studio, and art history courses. Field experiences in the sophomore, junior, and senior years offer students unique opportunities to work and teach in actual K-12 New Jersey art classrooms and with local non-profit arts organizations. The program culminates with a full semester of student teaching at both the elementary and secondary level, with an option to student teach abroad. With a reputation for excellence, TCNJ’s art education graduates are represented in school districts and arts organizations across the region. Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree, students qualify for the New Jersey State Art Teacher Certification, kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Required studio courses include 2-D, 3-D, 4-D, drawing, painting, and sculpture. Students create their own path of studio study through the selection of two additional 200-level intermediate studio courses, and three 300-level advanced studio courses. Four art history courses provide students with an understanding of the role of art throughout history. Combining the skills and knowledge from the art studio and art history courses with the professional art education courses allow students to understand the importance of the visual arts in education and explore critical areas of inquiry necessary to create a firm foundation in curriculum and pedagogy. The required art education courses, Sophomore Professional Experience, Art Techniques in the Elementary Classroom, Art Techniques in the Secondary Classroom, and Principles and Practices in Art Education (Junior Professional Experience-JPE) lead to Student Teaching and the Senior Seminar.

The conceptual framework for Art Education, as for all programs in professional education at The College of New Jersey, is creating exemplary professionals. All education programs at TCNJ, including Art Education, are accredited through the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

BA – Art Education (32 course units)

Sample Recommended Program of Study

Fall Freshman
AAV 111 Drawing       (was AFA 111 Drawing)
AAV 112 2-D              (was AFA 113 Color Theory/2D Design)
AAV 113 3-D              (was AFA 118 3D Design)
Freshman Seminar – FSP

Spring Freshman
AAV 140 4-D              (was ADA 180 Digital Arts: Imaging I)
AAV 102 Visual Thinking         (was AFA 112 Conceptual Art)
AAH 105 Art History I
WRI 102 Academic Writing (if not required take a Liberal Learning course or SPE 203)

Fall Sophomore
AAE 273 Sophomore Prof. Experience
AAV 215 Painting I                  (was AFA 211 Painting I)
AAV 213 Sculpture I               (was AFA 230 Sculpture I)
AAH 106 Art History II

Spring Sophomore
AAE 373 Art Tech/Elementary
AAV 2XX Studio Course         (was AFA 2XX Studio Class)
AAH 252 20th Century Art History
SPE 203 Psych. Dev. of Child./Adol.
AFA 200 Sophomore Review (0 units)

 Fall Junior
AAE 374 Art Tech/Secondary
AAV 2XX Studio Course         (was AFA 2XX Studio Class)
AAV 3XX Studio Course         (was AFA 3XX Studio Class)
Liberal Learning

 Spring Junior
AAE 375 Princ., Prac. & Mat. In Art Ed
AAV 3XX Studio Course         (was AFA 3XX Studio Class)
Liberal Learning
Liberal Learning

 Senior Fall (or Spring)
AAV 3XX Studio Course         (was AFA 3XX Studio Class)           
AAH 215/216/or 217 Asian, Islamic, Native American, African Art
Elective (200 or 300-level AAV or AAH is recommended)
Liberal Learning
Liberal Learning

 Senior Spring (or Fall)
AAE 490 Student Teaching (counts as 2 courses/units)
AAE 492 Student Teaching Seminar (taken with AAE 490)